Testimonials From Happy Clients

I have been in the barn family for almost ten years. Since I was five I have been riding horses with Erica and Josh. Back then I was the shyest little kid. I would not speak a word, but now I won't stop talking. It's the horses and the mood of the environment that Josh and Erica set when you first walk through the barn doors that make every kid come out of their shell with confidence.

Isabel - age 12

"I bring my 3 kids out for lessons and team penning, and we have a blast! Family atmosphere is fantastic and the training and instruction are second to none."


My daughters and I ride together every Saturday. It's a really special time for us to relax together and talk about horses. Thank you Fitzgerald Farms.


I love the summer horseback riding camps. I love riding my horse Oreo at Fitzgerald Farms. It's a great stable.

Elizabeth ~ age 11

Summer horseback riding camp is the best ever! My favorite camp all summer. Next summer I am going for all three weeks!

Charlotte ~ age 9

"I have been a part of the Fitz Farms family for the last three years. Over that time I have made more friends and learned more than any other barn I have been at. The horses are very well taken care of and the environment promotes safety, education, and fun."


4 years ago, Alex walked into the barn a bit scared, shy, nervous, excited and very curious. Today Alex walks into the barn confident still excited and eager for new any challenge that awaits her. Here's a few of the many statements, Alex has expressed in conversation: "The barn defines who I am! They have helped shaped me. It brings me joy!"

Everyday when we pick up our barn crazed horse lover, we are reminded of how blessed we are to have the FitzGeralds and our "barn family" in our lives.
You embrace Alex with support and love, guiding her through each experience and challenge with determination and confidence. Every one of you hold a supportive part in Alex journey.
Actually you embrace our entire family with support and love, and are very, very thankful.


Troy, Michelle, James & Alex